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Employee Training

Dan Fitzgerald & Associates Inc. offers on-site training classes nationwide. The class is taught by Daniel M. Fitzgerald who brings with him over 25 years in the gas distribution industry. This course is 1-2 days, and includes a test and certificate (if desired). The course is geared to operational personnel and management. It can be offered to beginners in the business, office employees and tested veterans. Any of the below subjects can be chosen or deleted from the course. We teach what you need!

Please call for a quote for one-day or two-day classes. The class must be scheduled 30 days in advance. Small companies can combine at one or two sites. We are flexible. There is no cost to you if you are not satisfied!


Characteristics & Hazards of Natural Gas

  1. Composition of Natural Gas
  2. Physical Properties
  3. Combustion of Natural Gas
  4. Fire Tetrahedron (triangle!)
  5. Flammability Ranges
  6. Carbon Monoxide (hazards)

Flame Ionization Operation

  1. Description of Unit
  2. How the F. I. Works
  3. Part Description
  4. Preparing the unit for operation
  5. Refueling/Function Test
  6. Field Calibration
  7. Field Surveys/Usage
  8. Precautions

Combustible Gas Indicators

Same as above plus:

  1. Daily Operational Checks
  2. Bar Holing Techniques
  3. Petroleum Product Vapors

Leak Classification or Grading

  1. Leak Grades (GPTC Guide)
  2. Grading Techniques
  3. Follow up Procedures
  4. DOT Emergency Response Guidelines
  5. Leak Mitigation
  6. Gas Migration

Leak Survey Techniques/Leak Location

  1. Foot Surveys
  2. Mobile Surveys
  3. Leak Centering
  4. Leak Pinpointing
  5. Special Surveys
  6. Non-gas Situations
  7. Street Openings
  8. Vegation Survey
  9. Safe Gas Survey

Other Areas

  1. Review of Company Standards
  2. Company Forms
  3. Qualified Personnel
  4. Stand-by and Make Safe
  5. Responding to Gas Emergency
  6. Leak Sources & Causes
  7. Leak Control-Art or Science?
  8. Operator Qualification (a guide)

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