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Field Services


Dan Fitzgerald & Associates, Inc. began natural gas leakage surveys in 1979. Much has changed since then but we still offer professional natural gas leakage surveys using foot & mobile techniques. Survey technicians are trained by our most experienced technicians and average over 4 years of field experience.

Field Services Offered

* Foot Leakage Surveys
* Mobile (truck mounted) Leakage surveys
* Water Leak Location
* Pipe & Cable Location
* Vault & Valve Inspection
* Building Inspection


Small System Equipment Lease Plan

Meet leakage survey compliance in-house without expensive investments in equipment, repairs, calibrations and training. We will lease you a complete Flame Ionization unit fully calibrated including a video detailing survey techniques, leak location & equipment field maintenance.

* Weekly Lease: $499.00 + S&H 

* Monthly Lease: $949.00 + S&H

* CGI Weekly Lease: $199.00 + S&H

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