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Bascom-Turner Authorized Sales and Repairs

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We can repair/rebuild any of the below listed instruments at a reasonable cost. For CGI's, the repair cost is guaranteed not to exceed 50% of our rebuilt unit price.

FI units are repaired for $75.00 per hour plus parts. An estimate is given to you before any work is started. If more repair work is needed, we’ll call you. All repair work is guaranteed for 90 days (except for water or fuel gas damage).

We pay excellent prices for used instruments and related parts. If your company has changed instrument technology and/or equipment, your old instruments and repair parts are worth cash. CALL US at 800-200-6705

Repairable Units

C.G.I. Units:

  • MSA Models 60, 62 62s
  • Scott D-15 Gas Pointer “H”

F.I. Units:

  • Heath Detecto Pak II
  • Heath Porta FID
  • Southern Cross 200 & 400
  • Foxboro (Century) OVA 88 & 108

Used Rebuilt Units

C.G.I. Units:

  • MSA Models 60, 62 62s -- $349 Plus S&H
  • Scott D-15 -- $349 Plus S&H
  • Gas Pointer “H” (Heath) -- $329 Plus S&H

If we cannot repair your FI unit there is no charge except shipping. For unrepairable CGI's, we can offer you a rebuilt unit at a 10% discount.

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